Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why a Mobile Friendly Site is So Important

As technology has evolved, so has how people view businesses in their online presence. The world has become portable, and if you’re website hasn’t followed suit, you could find yourself falling behind on your bottom line. The numbers today are staggering, and they’re expected to continue to grow year after year.

A World on the Go
While the numbers vary, 20% of internet users spend a majority of their time browsing sites through a mobile device. Counting them out is like saying that visitors from Yahoo! and Bing don’t matter to your business. Every visitor should be of equal importance, and if you’re not effectively communicating information about your brand, you could be creating a negative image for yourself.

The Important of Mobile on Local Businesses
While average research indicates that a good chunk of users browse sites via mobile devices, local businesses have a substantially greater need to pay attention to the mobile compatibility of their site. As of recent studies, nearly 90% of users that are on the hunt for a local business (especially those with brick and mortar locations) browse through information on a smartphone or tablet. This essentially means that competition could be beating you out simply with a mobile-friendly site if yours isn’t properly set up.

A majority of site owners that do not have mobile-friendly sites often claim that they don’t have the time or the money to lay out for a site overhaul. However, from a business perspective, most owners can’t afford NOT to make sure that the mobile compatibility of their site is up to par. As we continue to evolve mobile technology, it has no longer become a matter making your website simply look good, but saving the channel that can make or break your business.