Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After 6 months of development, all our Flash Banners are now viewable on Mobile Devices!

We now have applied a new milestone in making all OnlyBusiness Websites completely Mobile.  All our Flash Banners now convert to jQuerty automatically, allowing them to be viewable on IPAD, IPHONES and all other Mobile Devices.     In addition to our newly released Mobile Website Builder, all our member websites can be viewed by millions of users using Mobile Devices.

Thank you! Team

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 launches fully Mobile Version of its leading Web Design, Shopping Cart and Marketing Platform announces new version launch of industry’s most complete Website Builder and Shopping Cart, targeting small businesses worldwide.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2011 (May 23rd 2012) has launched a new groundbreaking version of its Website Builder and Shopping Cart. currently serves thousands of business customers worldwide.  The new version converts all flash banners and menus to Jquery with HTML5, so they are easily viewed on IPhones, IPADS and all other Mobile Devices.   Also released, is a Mobile Website Builder, which will dynamically convert customer websites for Mobile Devices.  Customers can also adjust the way their sites look within the Mobile Site Builder. also released an  entire new suite of marketing plans, including new SEO and PPC plans.  “We currently provide high-performance web marketing services for a large proportion of our customer base, so we upgraded our marketing suite of products and added plans which bundled web design and SEO to streamline both costs and business process for them” said CEO, Daniel Meyerov
In addition, has added a professional Facebook Page Builder and applied a new update of their highly tooled Shopping Cart. are also releasing a range of  new and updated base designs shortly.  “Over the last year, we have invested significantly  in our technology to ensure all our customers can build the most professional sites  in the marketplace” added Meyerov, “We want to ensure that any type of site can be built, no matter how 'feature rich' it may be. We have built and integrated a number of complex business tools into our system for our members, such as our Database Search Add-on and Extranet tool for document sharing, as we didn’t want our customers to have to go out and  find any third party tools that they required for their sites and then integrate them".  Our platform therefore seamlessly integrates all of the tools offered in the Website Builder, Shopping Cart and Marketing Platform into our members websites, with a single click. customers have a very low price-point of entry.  Starting at $9.95/month, they can build beautiful business websites themselves, or choose for the world class Design Team to build it for them, starting at $49.95/month.  There are no contracts and terms are month-to-month only.
“We know our competitive landscape  intimately, and we're confident that no other Website Builder can match us in terms of site quality, included tool set functionality and ease-of-use.  We’re extremely confident that when businesses compare the large number of featured websites generated from  our system to the very limited set of featured sites of our competitors, they will be able to quickly and clearly see the difference in quality of our platform output, and they will be enticed to sign-up,” said COO, Mark Friedman
The New Release includes:
·        Newly released website with more details about plans and offering
·        New Marketing Product Line, including SEO and PPC
·        Mobile Website Builder, automatically converting standard websites to be viewed and compatible on Mobile Devices
·        Facebook Page Builder
·        Conversion of flash banners and galleries to Jquery and HTML5 to be viewable on Mobile Devices
·        New HTML5 Photo Galleries to be viewable on Mobile Devices
·        New Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter